[Skinfood] Black Sugar Wash Off Mask Review

Author: Janah

This review originally appeared on her blog here in January 2018.

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Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off Mask Review


Hello everyone! I’m so glad to finally be able to sit down and write a beauty review today. 

To be honest, it actually feels like a crime writing a review right now because I (for the love of the skincare gods) bailed out on my skincare routine out of sheer laziness during the last two weeks of December (2017) and I stopped putting anything on my face, save for a cleanser and a moisturizer. During that time, I just kinda left my skin as it is and didn’t even bother to exfoliate. So by the time the new year came, my skin felt rough and dry.

In an attempt to finally draw myself out from my skincare rut, I scoured my shelves for the most promising exfoliating scrub in my stash and found the Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off Mask.

Let’s head on to the review.


Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off Mask


skinfood black sugar wash off mask review

Product Description

The Black Sugar Mask Wash off Mask is an exfoliating mask scrub which effectively cleanses the pores and leaves the skin soft and smooth. Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and other organic ingredients, this mask scrub helps in removing dead skin cells and revitalizing the skin.

Usage Instruction

After cleansing, apply desired amount of product onto face. Leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.


skinfood black sugar wash off mask product ingredients

Quantity | Price | Availability

100 g | PHP 330 | Althea Korea


I got this mask from my first ever haul from Althea Korea, together with the Rice wash off mask which I really fell in love with. (You can check the review here) I seriously almost totally forgotten about the Black Sugar mask until I rummaged through the pile of unopened skincare products in my stash.


skinfood black sugar mask review 01


The Skinfood Black Sugar Wash off Mask comes in a super cute plastic container which is also the same container as the Rice Wash off Mask. It also comes with a thin plastic lid that separates the actual product from the top cover. The plastic lid is embossed with Skinfood’s logo, as shown in the photo below.


skinfood black sugar mask review 02


The product information is written in Korean and in English. The manufacturing date and the expiration date are also printed on the container. Apparently, mine is expiring in a few months haha. (Skincare gods, please forgive me for using this just now!)



The actual product comes in a lumpy and sticky texture, so much like caramelized sugar. Some reviews claim that this product smells like burnt sugar, but for me, the scent leans more on the citrusy or lemony side.


skinfood black sugar mask review 05


This wash off mask has sugar granules which others find quite abrasive for the face. For those who have acne-prone or sensitive skin, extra care must be taken in using this product as the granules may indeed cause irritation. But so far, this mask scrub really worked well on me as it was able to deeply exfoliate my skin and leave it fresh, smooth and supple.

The only drawback that I have with the wash off mask was that it wasn’t able to remove all of my blackheads and whiteheads completely.  There was still a noticeable amount on my nose even after using the mask. Maybe I’ll try chemical exfoliation soon to finally get rid of these pesky blackheads.


skinfood black sugar mask review 06


Overall, I really enjoyed using the Black Sugar Wash off Mask. The mask really delivers its claim in providing effective exfoliation. Although I still prefer the Rice Wash off Mask as it milder and more gentle on the skin, I am still gonna keep the Black Sugar Wash off Mask in close range for days when I feel like my skin needs that extra hand in getting rid of deep-seated dirt and dead skin cells. To sum up, the Black Sugar Wash off Mask is really a great exfoliating scrub that’s worth every penny you pay for.



4.9 out of 5 stars


What I like:

  • It effectively exfoliates the skin.
  • It effectively removes dead skin cells and other impurities.
  • It smells very citrusy and lemony.
  • It comes in a super cute tub which makes it easy to scoop the product out.

What I don’t like:
I really wish the wash off mask could remove all of my blackheads but it wasn’t able to accomplish that task perfectly well.

Will I repurchase?
Yes! It is a pretty great wash off mask after all.

Will I recommend?
Yes! I recommend the Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off Mask to those who are looking for an affordable and effective exfoliating mask scrub.


I am not paid or compensated to write this review.
All opinions expressed in this post are my own.
All items featured in this post are purchased through my own means.

That is all for today’s blog post.
See you again in the next one.

Thank you for dropping by! 💕



[Banila Co] Clean It Zero Original Cleansing Balm Review

Author: Stephanie from lifesslices.com



Disclaimer: The photos were taken by the review’s author.

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I try out the newly formulated Clean It Zero Original Cleansing Balm

Banila Co has arguably the most well-known oil cleansers in the K-Beauty world with the Clean It Zero Original Cleansing Balm. With a product that is so effective and have spokespeople/models such as Jessica and Taeyeon (Girl’s Generation) and Hyorin (SISTAR), it’s hard to deny why people love this brand and their products. Banila Co recently updated their cleansing balms with a new formula that removed the mineral oil from the ingredients; which can irritate those with sensitive skin. The four versions in the Clean It Zero line are Original, Purifying, Revitalizing, and Nourishing. Along with the ingredients, Banila Co also updated the packaging to a more chic and simple design with pastel colors.



Details and Review:

  • Item Claims: Melts off all make-up, including water proof, while exfoliating and brightening.
  • Directions: As the first step in your skin care routine, use the provided spatula to scoop out a small amount (I use a dime size). Then, rub balm onto dry skin. Then, emulsify the balm by adding water and rinse.
  • Scent: None.
  • Notable Ingredients: Papaya Extract (exfoliator), Acerola Extract (brightening). This new formula also includes no mineral oil, but instead a natural ester oil. As well as Vitamin E acetate in place of butylated hydroxytoluene.
  • Quantity: Original Size – 3.38 oz/100mL or Large Size – 6.09oz/180mL
  • Price: $16 for Original Size, $30 for Large Size
  • Overall Rating: 5/5
  • Review: The original Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm was the very first cleansing oil I’ve ever tried. And it was the best make-up remover ever. However, it always did irritate my eyes. After hearing they had reformulated the balm without the mineral oil, I knew I had to try it out again. And, it is the best ever! There is zero irritation after using the newly formulated Banila Co Clean It Zero Original Cleansing Balm. It effectively removes all of my make-up and waterproof mascara without my eyes burning. Also, the melting point is higher now so that it doesn’t melt as easily if I have to travel with it, especially during the summer. With a pH level of 6.1, this cleansing balm is great for those with sensitive skin types. Out of the 4 versions of Banila Co cleansing balms, the Clean It Zero Original Cleansing Balm is the cheapest by $9. And as for the packaging, Banila Co nailed it. From the holographic box to the simple and clean container design in pastel pink, it’s super trendy and eye-catching. As one of the most affordable and effective cleansing balms out there, I highly recommend picking up Banila Co Clean It Zero Original Cleansing Balm!
  • Purchase: SokoGlam | Amazon | YesStyle | Peach & Lily



[COSRX] Low pH First Cleansing Milk Gel Review

Author:  Beth


Disclaimer: The photo was taken by the review’s author.

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COSRX Low pH First Cleansing Milk Gel Review


cosrx milk cleanser


It’s time for me to review the Cosrx Low PH Milk Gel Cleanser that I have been using for the last couple of weeks.


I was going to wait until I had used it a month before writing my review, but I think I have made my decision already. I know there are a lot of Cosrx fans waiting for this, but you might want to sit down…. it’s not good news I’m afraid.


Let me start by saying that Cosrx is a brand that I absolutely adore. Their minimal, no-fuss products are, for the majority, fantastic in my eyes from a performance and price point of view. It’s not often that I find a Cosrx product that I don’t love, but today is one of those days.


The milk gel cleanser is designed for those with sensitive skin who can’t use an oil cleanser or cleansing balm etc… please note that this is NOT a replacement for your Low PH Gel Cleanser, but to be used BEFOREHAND.


I would say it’s more of a white gel than a milky texture. You apply this directly to your dry face as per the product instructions and massage as you would a cleansing balm (however, Cosrx on insta have suggested it should be used on a wet face… I tried both and there is no difference🤷🏻‍♀️). You do have to use quite a bit each time as the product sinks in quite quickly, but it doesn’t emulsify that well either.


Now, this product does remove light make-up, but it did struggle badly in removing my full coverage foundation and mascara. Cosrx themselves have also said that this product will not remove make-up, so you will need to ensure that this is cleansed off separately beforehand.


For me, I wear make-up every day, so using this as part of my evening routine simply did not work (unless I want to start triple cleansing). I imagine most people will have similar situations, so please take this into account. So I switched this product into my morning routine because, you know, your girl has to double cleanse twice a day with oily skin, but unfortunately this just wasn’t enough for me 😫 I wasn’t removing the excess oils well enough like I would with an oil cleanser, and so I found my skin greasier far earlier than usual. I have therefore concluded that this is aimed more towards sensitive dry or sensitive normal skin types who don’t wear make-up. Not for me 😭😞 I wanted to love this so bad….🌸🌿😊



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[COSRX] One Step Original Clear Pads Review

Author: Beth

This review originally appeared on her Instagram profile here.

Disclaimer: The photo was taken by the review’s author. 

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COSRX One Step Original Clear Pads Review



These pads are designed to be used as a toner step and come in a handy resealable tub with 70 pads inside. One side is embossed and the other smooth. They are designed for gentle daily exfoliation with mild doses of BHA to help with acne / spot prevention.


I am not an acne sufferer, but I get spots like everyone else. I also have oily / combo skin, so a daily dose of BHA is always welcome at keeping that sebum in control. I was using these pads twice a day, starting with the embossed side to loosen any skin debris, and then the smooth side to sweep away the impurities.


They are slightly drying and do give off a very strong smell, but I found my experience a positive one overall. My sebum levels were slightly reduced and any spots disappeared really quickly with continued use. I would definitely recommend these pads for combo / oily skin types, and whilst these pads are considered to be your toner step, I still would use a hydrating toner after for that added oomph 🌸🌿😊

[Secret Key] Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel Review

Author: Beth

This review comes from her lovely Instagram profile worth checking by every k-beauty lover.

Disclaimer: The photo was taken by the review’s author.

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Secret Key Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel Review


secret key lemon sparkling peeling gel

For those like me who have never tried a peeling gel like this before, this is designed as an exfoliating step that you massage onto dry skin. As you massage, the product removes dead skin cells and junk from your pores in the form of little skin balls that roll away off the surface to leave bright and clear skin.
This particular lemon version from secretKey contains carbonated water for clearing your pores, citric acid to help remove build-up of dead skins and vitamin c to brighten.
My first impressions were that the packaging was bright and fun (this has recently been relaunched), and the product is a white cream with a mild lemon dishwasher soap smell 🍋
Putting the scent aside, I dived straight in one night after cleansing. I applied a generous amount to my dry face and began massaging in slow, circular motions. After around 30 seconds the product began to dry and form little balls on the surface.
❗️I’m not gonna lie right now, but I was heavy handed on one side of my face because I got overexcited. This has resulted in a minor over-exfoliation on one cheek. So please don’t get massage happy!❗️
After rinsing the product off, I was left with clear and exfoliated skin. I was actually really surprised with how much I liked and enjoyed using this product. If you can forgive the scent then this is a handy exfoliator to use twice a week to keep those dead skin cells at bay!
You can purchase this product directly from jolse.com. And it is worth noting that this product is free from silicones, dye, alcohol, sulphates and parabens 🌸🌿😊

[COSRX] Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser Review

This review was written and submitted by a lovely k-beauty enthusiast Julie.

You check out her Instagram profile @imgrenouille here.

Disclaimer: The photo was taken by the review’s author. 

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COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser Review




Low pH morning cleanser for sensitive skin.
All-day moisturizer skin without tight feeling.
Sensitive skin
Dehydrated skin
Flaky skin


Formulated with tea tree oil and natural BHA to refine skin, Good Morning Gel Cleanser has a pH level that’s the closest to your skin’s natural pH level. It leaves the skin soft, moisturized and refreshed without stripping it of its natural oil.
Gently massage an appropriate amount of the Low pH Good Morning Cleanser onto wet face, then rinse with warm water.
Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate, Polysorbate 20, Styrax Japonicus Branch, Fruit/Leaf Extract, Butylene Glycol, Saccharomyces Ferment, Cryptomeria Japonica Leaf Extract, Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Extract, Pinus Palutris Leaf Extract, Ulmus Davidiana Root Extract, Oenothera Biennis Evening Primerose Flower Extract, Pueraria Lobata Root Extract, Melaleuca Alternifolia Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Allantoin, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Betaine Salicylate, Citric Acid, Ethyl Haxanediol, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Sodium Benzoate, Disodium EDTA
If you are on the search for a good cleanser, that’s for you.  It gently cleans and removes impurities. It’s great for sensitive skin, leaves the skin soft, moisturized and refreshed. No added fragrance for this one, which is a plus in my opinion. A must try.

[The Face Shop] Herb Day Cleansing Cream with Green Tea Review


The review originally appeared on the blog The World of Blue.

Disclaimer: All photos taken by the review’s author.

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The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Cream with Green Tea Review


And here it comes- the other k-beauty product review which I mentioned a few posts back. So today’s post is going to be all about The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Cream with Green Tea. Here it goes.



According to RoseRoseShop, The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Cream with Green Tea is supposed to be ‘effective in skin cleansing’ while leaving ‘mild touch feel’. I couldn’t find anything more about the cream and what it’s supposed to do but I guess that’s understandable since its main purpose is to clean the face effectively. Under My thoughts subheading I’m checking this lonely claim against the reality.



Surprisingly for me, I bought this cleansing cream in a brick-and-mortar store TKMaxx. It cost me £4.99 so I saw it as a great bargain and didn’t hesitate even for a second to purchase it. The cream itself comes in this:


It’s in a beige round plastic packaging as the photos show and inside, there’s a thin plastic lid that provides additional protection for the cream. It’s easy to open and quite convenient in terms of storing it as it’s quite flat and sealed properly so I haven’t been afraid to move it around or store it in lots of weird positions.


Ingredients and Texture

In terms of ingredients, it contains mineral oil (quite a lot of it since it is listed as second on the ingredients list) which is supposed to help remove the (waterproof) makeup and any dirt left on the face. Because of that it can be used as a first step in the cleansing routine and may replace a makeup remover/cleansing oil/cleansing balm. There are also a few plant extracts (most notably Green Tea Extract and Sage Leaf Extract) to nurture the skin which I really like- normally cleansers are designed only to cleanse and that’s their primary aim so they rarely contain anything ‘extra’ that enhances the skin’s condition.

When it comes to texture, the cleansing cream is whitish and reeeeally soft and easy to spread. It also contains small granules but there are too few of them to make it feel like a face scrub.

There’s quite a lot of it in the packaging as well and it’s lasted for over three weeks for me. That’s a long time, really, taking into account that I’ve cleansed with it not only my face but also my neck (front and back).


My thoughts

I really like this cleansing cream. It’s got a nice ingredients list, it’s long-lasting, easy to spread and (most importantly) it’s really affordable. However, it’s got one big downside- it’s not as effective in removing makeup as I expected it to be.Before I bought it, I read a few reviews of it and some of them claimed that it takes quite a bit of massaging it on the face to get rid of all the makeup. I didn’t want to believe it (as it contains mineral oil as a second ingredient so it should be pretty effective, I thought) and decided to check it myself. So after buying it, I did an experiment. I put some regular mascara, lipgloss and long-lasting lipstick at the back of my hand to see how effectively it would remove them. Here are the pictures:


Straight afterwards I put on the cleansing cream and, after about 3-4 minutes of rubbing (if not more), I finally got rid of most of the makeup. I finished with wiping the cream off with a cleansing wipe.


So it did manage to remove the makeup. I’m not sure how it’d deal with waterproof sunscreen I usually wear on its own, because whenever I used it in my evening routine, I used a face exfoliator straight after using the cleansing cream so in the end my face was thoroughly cleansed. I think that it’d be hard to use the cream as the only cleanser against the waterproof makeup as it may leave some frustrating residues.

So- did it live up to its claims? Is it an ‘effective’ cleanser? It definitely does its job when you keep messaging it on your face for at least 3-4 minutes (or more, depending on how much and what kind of makeup you’re wearing). But supplementation in the form of other cleanser is advised as, although it may remove the makeup at the end of the day, it still leaves a feeling your face is not thoroughly cleansed.

It’s a mild cleanser though so a proper nod to the claim of its ‘mild touch’. It didn’t break me out or result in an irritation of any kind. And, in the end, I got to like it quite a bit. But I wouldn’t repurchase it. It’s not perfect and I’d rather buy something more effective. So I’ll keep looking for something better and equally affordable.