Hi, my beautiful!

We’re all beautiful. And some of us (I suppose you belong to those ‘some’ as well!) are a bit too much into beauty. And skincare. Especially the Korean one. K-beauty. Oh yes, that’s the word that best describes this website. It’s all about k-beauty products and online stores. And various k-beauty lovers from around the world contribute to it to make the website great! They share their k-beauty reviews with the rest of us to make our lives easier in the pursuit of k-beauty goodies. And bless them for that!

The website’s aim is to become the biggest database of k-beauty reviews so that whenever you need a review on the product you’re going to buy or the online store you’re going to buy it from, you head here!

But if you already tried a k-beauty product/online store and would like to share your opinion about it, this website is perfect for you as well! Just send your review to email.kbeauty.reviews@gmail.com and I will feature it on the website. πŸ™‚


But who am I?

I’m Blue and I’m the creator of this website. I contribute my reviews to it as well- whenever I try a new k-beauty product, I share my thoughts here.

I’m a true k-beauty lover; however, I’m more a skincare geek than a makeup one. I love Asia and I hope to travel there in the future but as for now I’m admiring it from the distance.

I’m a student, part-time worker and an expat, meaning I live, work and love k-beauty on a foreign soil. But I do enjoy it!

If you’d like to get to know me more, ask some questions or just drop a message, just head to the Contact me page and let’s get in touch! ^.^