[Klairs] Supple Preparation Facial Toner Review

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~REVIEW~ Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

** All my reviews are based on personal experience and opinions. If you enjoy these products please do not take any critics negatively since all of our skin is different and reacts differently to products **


Alrighty lovelies today I’m reviewing the toner that I’ve been using day and night for almost two months. My child (1 1/2) kept me up all night and I can’t think of anything witty to start this review so let’s just jump right in.


klairs tatiana


Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

I purchased my product through Sokoglam.com but it is available for purchase on a variety of sites including yesstyle, wishtrend, and amazon. This product is now also available in an unscented version but I currently own the original.


🍃Price 🍃



🍃Targeted for 🍃

-Normal skin

-Dry skin

-Combination skin

-Sensitive skin


🍃Claims 🍃

Prep your skin with this refreshing toner that removes excess dirt and sebum while restoring pH balance. Amino acids reduce irritation and provide deep hydration.

This product has a pH level of 5.


🍃Size 🍃

6.08 oz / 180 ml


🍃Consistency 🍃

This toner is more viscous than most toners I have tried. I would not say it’s super thick but definitely not a thin toner. I would suspect that would be because of its moisturizing properties. Due to that I wouldn’t say it’s the best for layering but it definitely could be done if you would like. On days that I’m super dry I will add a second layer of this toner.


🍃How to use 🍃

After cleansing I pour a fair amount into the palms of my hands and put into my skin.



🍃 Ingredients 🍃


I would like to point out for those who are unaware (this product is a cult favorite so I’m sure most people know by now) but the original version contains essentials oils that could cause skin irritation. For those who may fear a bad reaction due to the essential oils I would recommend the unscented version.


My thoughts:

🍃 Scent 🍃

So this version definitely has a scent due to the essential oils buts it isn’t overwhelming by any means. Even if you have a sensitive nose I do not think this product would cause you any issues.


🍃 Packaging 🍃

There isn’t too much to say about the packaging on this product. I like the dark colored bottle and it looks nice on my counter. It’s plastic but isn’t a plastic that is super light or cheap feeling. It does have a nice weight to it which makes it feel higher quality. It also has a regular screw cap with a stopper inside in order to prevent over pouring.


🍃 Experience 🍃

So I’m sure everyone has heard of this product because it seems to be a huge cult favorite and honestly for good reason. If you are someone who suffers from dry skin or if you find other toners to be too harsh I really recommend giving this one a try. It feels like a nice drink of water for my skin and definitely lives up to its title when it claims to give you supple skin. I feel like this is a great option to add in both a day or night routine. If you have very oily skin though I feel like this may be too much hydration for you and I would recommend maybe getting a sample first (I believe wishtrend has miniature versions).


🍃 Overall rating: 5/5 🍃

I really can’t find any negatives for me with this product. I really enjoy it and I feel that for my dry skin it has really been a lifesaver.


Would I repurchase?? 

I’m currently looking into purchasing other toners but I feel like this product may find a permanent home in my skincare cabinet. But we will see 😋.


I hope you guys found my review helpful! Til next time loves 😋 .

5 thoughts on “[Klairs] Supple Preparation Facial Toner Review

  1. yechen1989

    Great post! I do want to take care of my skin but I’m so bad at picking the right products. Thanks for your honest review about this product. I will consider buying this for myself and sister to have a try 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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