[Dr. Jart+] Shake and Shot™ Rubber Hydro Mask Review

AUTHOR: coskindaily


Disclaimer: The photo was taken by the review’s author.

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Dr. Jart+ Shake and Shot™ Rubber Hydro Mask Review


dr. jart+ hydrogel mask


👶 Dr. Jart+ Shake and Shot™ Rubber Hydro Mask 🍼

This packaging is so fun and cute/creepy. This line comes in 4 different versions: hydro, soothing, brightening and firming.

To use, all you have to do is combine the two packets together, shake it up and the consistency will transform into this goopy goodness you slather on your face for 20 minutes before peeling.

The results are visibly instant, this mask is just amazing for sensitive skin. My face felt so plump and hydrated, I was glowing after using it! Only thing I want to mention is that if you’re an easily distracted person like I am, you’ll have to work quickly. I did notice that the product started clumping up as I was applying it on. I believe the product starts setting in about 5 minutes, it should be fine if you’re focused and missioning for that glow.

It is a single-use item that I recommend sharing with a friend. There is so much product inside so why waste it when you can share the wonderfulness.

I would definitely repurchase this for occasional use, but it is certainly something my wallet wouldn’t let me do on a regular.

24 thoughts on “[Dr. Jart+] Shake and Shot™ Rubber Hydro Mask Review

    1. kbeautybluemountains

      It has, indeed. These days some products look more like food or gadgets that seem to be unrelated to the beauty completely. But then again, as you mentioned, using them makes skincare/beauty so much more fun! 😀


    1. kbeautybluemountains

      I know you can buy one from Sephora or AsianBeautyPlus.com. The latter is a UK based retailer but Sephora ships worldwide. I’ve seen some listing on eBay and Amazon so it’s worth having a look. When it comes to the price it varies and you also have to bear the shipping cost. But I’d say if you exclude the shipping it’s around £7-8. 🙂 Hope it helps.

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    1. kbeautybluemountains

      I know right! The packaging makes using the mask so much fun! 😀 You can have a look at Sephora, I look it up and they have it on the Philippine Sephora website. There are some on eBay and Amazon as well so you can have a look. 🙂


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