[Tosowoong] SOS CICA Repair Cushion Red Cover Expert Review

Author: Roxanne

This review originally appeared on her Instagram profile here.

Disclaimer: The photo was taken by the review’s author. 

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Tosowoong SOS CICA Repair Cushion Red Cover Expert Review



Tosowoong SOS CICA Repair Cushion Red Cover Expert

  • SPF 50+ PA+++
  • 14G
  • Silicone Puff
  • Mochi type cushion
  • $28.71 (yesstyle)


  • Centella extract and Tea Tree to cover dull skin and blemishes.
  • Panthenol and Glycerine to soothe and moisturize sensitive skin
  • Microparticle powder to fill pores and wrinkles and provide good adhesion

Shades:  #21 and #22


I tried this cushion for a week in different conditions.

Depending on your skincare, the finish of this cushion could be semi-matte or dewy.


I have mixed feelings about this cushion, there are good days and there are bad.

I don’t think I can recommend this to anyone with really dry skin.

I have oily skin and tried this without using moisturizer, it did not end well.

Especially around my chin area, it looked like Thor threw his hammer on my chin and cracked the foundation, lol!

It also clings to dry patches and settles into fine lines.

If you like that no make-up feel, then this is for you, it’s super lightweight, and that’s what I enjoyed the most about this cushion. Even when my face started to get oily, I didn’t feel oily at all.


Decent coverage and buildable

Has not broken me out

It helps soothes my skin

Lightweight, it doesn’t feel like you have makeup on

No tacky feeling

Fills in pores


Transfers easily, not long lasting

I feel like it’s a bit pricey

The silicone puff was hard to blend with (only used once)

Only has two shades

Clings to dry patches


I would give this a 2.5/5

Yes, half! Because it has good days and bad days

I get enough of that in relationships, I don’t need that in my makeup, lmao! Joking~

Would I repurchase?

I don’t think so, I will be using this cushion again but once it’s finished that’s it. For its price I could probably find a better one that performs better.


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