[Kocostar] Rose Flower Mask Sheet Review

Author: Your A List

This review originally appeared on her Instagram profile here.

Disclaimer: The photo was taken by the review’s author. 

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Kocostar Rose Flower Mask Sheet Review


flower rose mask sheet

This pretty mask I received as a gift got me all crazy for roses and let me tell you why ..

Firstly I’ll talk packaging and how pretty it is!

It makes the entire experience so pretty and fun and worth it.

This mask rests on your face like actual rose petals which is different than the regular sheet mask. { this mask makes regular sheet masks sound boring !}

This is a Korean product and I always say that they do the best sheet masks I ever tried!

Now Let’s get serious

let’s talk hydration-

🥀 It hydrates the face really well. It sits on the face and makes you feel calm.

🥀 The smell is so relaxing and I’m in love with it.

🥀 It hydrated the entire face; it comes with 6 pieces so the entire face can be covered.


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