[Online Store Review] Meibe Korea

Author: Paola

Her review of the online k-beauty store originally appeared on her blog here.

She’s also active on Instagram and has a Facebook page.

Disclaimer: All the photos/screenshots/graphics were taken/made by the review’s author. 

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Online Store Review Meibe Korea


meibe korea

Hi, happy day! It seems that I go from week to week publishing my reviews haha, I just realized that, how funny, right?. Today I have a review of another Korean cosmetics store, lately I’ve seen that several have opened and I want to update and make the same for you too, so we find out which are the most feasible to buy. I hope you find it useful ^^


Meibe Korea is an online store that sells Korean cosmetics for several years, was created by a group of experts to provide authentic products and promote more the Korean culture around the world. I found this website more than a year and a half ago, I was struck by the aesthetics that the page showed, but at that time they didn’t have international shipments, they were only for Taiwan and some countries in Asia, I don’t remember well.
At the end of last year they opened their website for everyone, I found out because I kept it in my bookmarks and every time I checked to see if one day my dream came true, to my surprise if it happened! That was something that I liked a lot, because I was finally able to make my much-desired purchase. Lol

meibe korea


They have a variety of brands, it’s still not as wide compared to other stores but that is something that can be fixed. Some of them are Peripera, Cosrx, Etude House, Dr Jart, Too Cool For School, W lab, Banila Co, Aritaum, A’pieu, Iope, Laneige, Heimish, Sulwhasoo, The Saem, among others. I was reviewing the price range and I was surprised, they are low and competitive, for example: they have Jayjun masks at $2.00 each, while at other sites them for over $5.00, are pretty good prices in my opinion.

meibe korea


Another thing that I like about this store is that every week they add new products. At the moment they have the new spring collection of Etude House and the lip tints of Peripera.

meibe korea


Best of all and I think it can be useful for new buyers of K-beauty, is they have beauty boxes (they aren’t monthly) You will wonder, how is that? Well, each of these boxes has a number of products, all are makeup, then you can choose the one that is more consistent with your tastes, they have about 7 or 8 different types.


What I like about beauty boxes, is that you don’t have to kill your head thinking about what you are going to buy, they make a selection of the best and most acclaimed products in Korea, besides that you save a quantity of money, because they always sell them for lower prices, than if you would buy each product individually.

meibe korea


These are all the options they have:

I like the fourth on the right, the second and third on the left.

meibe korea


Finally, before showing my purchase, I want to give you a kind of tip in case you don’t know it, with which you can save a few bucks when you go to buy.

The page has a points program which they call Meibe points, with which you can earn points for doing certain things and in return they give you coupons that you can redeem to make purchases. You can find it on the left side, on the pink button (point to it with the arrow).

meibe korea


The actions that you have to do to obtain the coupons are very simple; for creating the account they give you 15000 points, for visiting their Facebook page they give you 3000 and so on. The coupons are not that hard to reach, with the 15,000 points you can redeem a coupon of $5, which you can use to pay for the delivery, which costs exactly that, a good offer, right?

meibe korea



After talking so much about the store, I will tell you about my shopping experience. In this case it will be specifically about shipping.

I placed my order on January 21, 2018, they sent it on the 22nd and I arrived at my house on March 14, 2018. It took about a month and a half to arrive, that is the average time that my packages always take. I liked they had my order ready in just one day, when I bought in other stores it takes up to a week.


The shipment that I chose was the standard with tracking number, by the way this store doesn’t send anything by the economic method. The normal price of the shipment is $5 and it is free from purchases of $50 and over.


Story time: I will tell you a little tragic story that happened to me. When I was in the process of showing you every detail about the package, I saved the photos on my cell phone (Yes! I do all the photos with my phone, I still don’t have a budget for a camera: S) then I transferred them to the computer or that I believed and when I went to review they were not, of all the ones I sent, there were only three left,        I felt very sad, I couldn’t recover them because I had deleted them. So beforehand, I offer apologies because this is all that I have left.


The box was pink on the outside, that was something that I loved! I like it when stores have the detail of customizing everything for their customers. Inside everything comes covered with pink silk paper, has no bubble paper but if a transparent plastic bag, they give you 3 or four with the products to protect them.

The truth is that I didn’t miss the bubble paper, everything arrived intact and well protected.

meibe korea


I bought a Jayjun rose mask, I wanted it for about three months when I saw it on Instagram and I restock my beloved Argan mask from Nature Republic, super recommended.

They gave me a sample of the popular sleeping mask of Laneige and a full-sized hand cream, I was surprised because any store has ever given me a complete product with my purchases (they always give samples or a mask) it was a nice detail.

meibe korea

I show you a demo of my purchase, the total was $11.50, subtracting the $5 from a coupon they had for the opening of the page, but you can add the coupon from the points program that would be the same.
If some of you live in Colombia I have regrettable news, because they have stopped shipping to the country, I don’t know why, but I hope they will take it back again.


In addition to the samples and the hand cream, they sent me a postcard from Korea (very beautiful by the way) a store card and a pen. I really have been very happy with every detail of the store with its customers. You will say, Paola you are exaggerating, but seriously believe me that I have made purchases in other places and they don’t include a sample or note, absolutely nothing! LOL

I think that this kind of thing is what makes a customer come back and buy in the store.

meibe korea



Currently only have Paypal as a payment method, for me it is the best and most reliable, you have the confidence that in case you have a problem with the order, you are backed and can request a refund, and also protect the information of your card.



What I can say, in general I was too satisfied with my purchase from Meibe, the customer service was excellent, the way they packed everything and the gifts they added.


The prices are cheap and the shipping is not so expensive, it’s very balanced, but I hope that over time they add more brands.


I leave some of their social media in case you want to know more about them.

Meibe Korea Store 

Meibe Korea Instagram

Meibe Korea Facebook page


¿Que te ha parecido la tienda? ¿La conocías?

What do you think of the store? Did you know her?


¿Has probado productos coreanos? si no es así ¿Cuales te gustaría probar?

Have you tried Korean products? If not, What would you like to try?


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