[KLAVUU] Urban Pearlsation High Coverage Tension Cushion SPF50+ PA++++ Review

Author: Elizabeth

She’s recently been to South Korea and decided to send over a review of a cushion she bought there. It must’ve been an exciting trip!

You can see her Instagram profile here.

Disclaimer: All the photos were taken by the review’s author. 

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KLAVUU Urban Pearlsation High Coverage Tension Cushion SPF50+ PA++++ Review



The brand Klavuu is known for infusing natural pearl into their products to provide a luminous glow. The cushion that the sales person recommended was their Urban Pearlsation High Coverage Tension Cushion SPF50+ PA++++. I bought mine in shade #21 Light Beige.
This cushion is made of the following:
1. Orange Blossom: Brightens skin tone
2. Lemon Balm: Conditions skin and leaves it supple
3. Quince: Tightens pore and increases skin elasticity
4. Korean Pearl extract: Whitening effect, smoothens skin texture
My main concern when I apply any makeup, is to help cover my redness and help reduce the appearance of my acne and acne scars. This cushion not only helps eliminate redness and small blemishes, but provides my skin with a natural, dewy glow that stays on for the majority of the day. And did I mention that it also contains SPF so you’re face is pretty covered from harmful UV rays. This is not as high coverage as it says in its name, but if you are looking for medium coverage, this will easily do. There is a slight scent to this cushion, which some might not care for, but I personally like the scent and do not find it overbearing.
After application
I have been using this cushion for the past couple of months now and I am extremely pleased with my purchase. It does stay well on the skin for the first 5-6 hours, but may need to be touched-up depending on your skin 🙂 The packaging is also convenient and it can be easily carried and has a normal sized mirror included. I am happy that I bought a spare and hope to try their other cushion soon!

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