[Soo’Ae] Black Charcoal Hydrogel Mask Review

Author: Ali

This review originally appeared on her Instagram profile here.

Disclaimer: Both photos were taken by the review’s author. 

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Soo’Ae Black Charcoal Hydrogel Mask Review



@sooae.official Black Charcoal Hydrogel Mask
SooAe is one of those brands I’d see all over Insta, but had yet to try for myself. That wait is now over, as I tried this mask last night! Was it worth it?
✴️ For a hydrogel mask, I found this easy to put on. I like the way it was packed: two halves folded on top of each other, with plastic backings as a barrier. It helped that it wasn’t swimming in essence (but it wasn’t lacking, either).
✴️ I liked the fit and feel of the mask. It’s so soothing and cooling. In my selfie, it almost looks like I’m wearing seaweed. 😄 However, I did notice tiny tears on both the top and bottom. Perhaps I needed to be more careful than I was in handling each half.
✴️ This mask smells lovely – something floral, I’d say. There is an added fragrance and while it’s not overwhelming, it’s obvious.
✴️ Key ingredients per the package copy are charcoal (anti-inflammatory), Allantoin (detox), and red algae (hydration and smoothing). On the ingredients list, red algae are listed third (after water and Methylpropanediol), while allantoin and charcoal powder are 12 and 13 out of 22 total ingredients.
✴️ Immediately, my skin felt so…COOL. It was certainly soothing, which I’m sure helped the bug bite on my forehead. I wanted to see how well the results carried into the next morning. I still have that ding on my left cheek, but the pimples on my chin have calmed down a bit. Skin otherwise feels smooth and not lacking in moisture.
✴️ Would I try again? It’s a yes from me. I’m pleased with the results, and appreciate a hydrogel mask that isn’t a pain to apply! This was gifted to me from @ericalynnmoody.


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