[Swanicoco] Dr. Syul Shining Luminous & Golden Time Leap Mask Packs Reviews

Author: Sofiyyah

The sheet masks’ reviews come from Sofiyyah’s Instagram profile which you can visit here.

Disclaimer: The photos were taken by the reviews’ author. 

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Swanicoco Dr. Syul Shining Luminous & Golden Time Leap Mask Packs Reviews


⚗Swanicoco Shining Luminous Mask Pack⚗


⚗Scent: Herbal-ish
⚗Material: Pure-cotton 100% mask sheet
⚗Essence: Clear and viscous but it didn’t get distributed properly even tho I kept the mask lying down
⚗Thoughts: Okay, this must’ve been the worst mask fitting I’ve ever worn. It’s way too big and it just won’t smooth out so it’s all wrinkly on my face (swipe for selfies)
As if that hadn’t put me off already, the results were… well, like nothing. It says whitening but I couldn’t see any brightening effect at all. An absolute meh for me 👎
I received this mask in the SWANS2 package provided by @swanicoco.en
Ingredients list taken from the W2Beauty website





⏳Swanicoco Golden Time Leap Mask Pack⏳

⏳Scent: I don’t know how to describe the scent. It’s very mild. Medicinal I think?
⏳Material: Thick 100% cotton sheet, felt like cloth.
⏳Essence: It had a clear essence but tbh, there’s not a lot of essence on the mask or in the packet.
⏳Thoughts: The mask is very large even for my round face. I took it off just after 10 minutes cos I didn’t want it to dry out on my face. It left my skin moisturized and a little bit sticky. I didn’t expect much from a ‘Firming’ mask but this was a little bit of a letdown.
This mask was gifted to me by @swanicoco.en under their #swans2programme.
The ingredients list was taken from the w2beauty website.

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