[The Saem] Eco Earth Power Pink Sun Cream Review

Author: fabyourose

This review comes from her lovely Instagram profile. You can access the original post here.

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The Saem Eco Earth Power Pink Sun Cream Review


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Finally posting about The SAEM Eco Earth Power Pink Sun Cream that I tried recently!

💗Mild Calming Sun Cream:

100% UV protecting formula and pink Calamine powder sooth and care for the skin while protecting the skin from UV at the same time.
💗Protect from impurities in the city:

Purifying tree moringa ingredient protects the skin from environmental contaminants and keeps skin in a clear and healthy condition.
💗Stress care from UV:

Natural plant power complex, containing ingredients of 4 types of plants, moisturize and sooth the skin from stress caused by UV.
(Swipe left to see the notable ingredients!)
My Thoughts:
💗It has a slight pinkish tint, as the name indicates. Initially, it was too much of a white cast for me! I hated it. But once it’s set into the skin (maybe after 5-10 mins), the white cast has majorly subsided and just left a slightly “toned up” smooth matte finish—which I liked! It was an emotional roller coaster first impression tbh Hahaha 😂
💗It has an almost similar texture of a bb cream, but once blended into the skin, I didn’t feel anything. It’s lightweight!
💗it helped to calm down my skin’s redness, and since it has a smooth matte finish, I think it can be doubled up as a primer. And it kinda blurred out my pores and kept the oil at bay a bit longer too I’m surprised??? I tried skipping my primer once, and it did actually work well under my makeup!
💗BUT you CAN’T skip moisturizer before applying this (well at least for me 😂). One time I skipped moisturizer (which I do when using my Bioré UV Watery Essence bc that doubles up as a daytime moisturizer for me 😄), and I had a hard time blending it! Some areas even looked patchy! So yeah, moisturize!
💗Verdict: I like how it brightens the skin and leaves a matte but non-drying finish. The only downside for me is I have to wait a bit for the “white cast” to subside. Nevertheless, I like this sunscreen!
Have you tried this already? Did you like it or not?

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