[Son&Park] Beauty Water Mini Review

Another mini review from goo.roo.

It comes from the Instagram post you can see here.

Disclaimer: The photo was taken by the mini review’s author. 

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Son&Park Beauty Water Mini Review



MINI REVIEW: so the reason I bought this product, the @sonandpark_korea Beauty Water, was because I now use an acid serum at night and wanted to switch to an acid-free but still lightly exfoliating/ astringent toner. advertised to feature papaya extract, an exfoliating fruit enzyme, this seemed perfect. turns out papaya is pretty far down the ingredient list, and after water and rose water, the main ingredient is actually witch hazel. which is fine! but for $7 you can get a great witch hazel toner from Thayers. after time and use, however, I learned that this product is more than a toner. it also has surfactants, which can remove dirt and oil. so actually it’s more like a combination toner and micellar water, and very often is my morning cleanse in lieu of warm water and cleanser. and THAT has transformed my skin a lot, since cleansing with warm water inherently disrupts the skin barrier and dehydrates (although evening cleanse is not optional). so all in all a super interesting product! more than a micellar water, since it also has exfoliating, astringent and hydrating ingredients. but also more than a toner since it also has surfactants. only beef: it has many essential oils, so if you have sensitive or compromised skin you might want to pass. retails for $30 💕goo.roo💦

2 thoughts on “[Son&Park] Beauty Water Mini Review

    1. kbeautybluemountains

      I think some micellar waters could act as toners. I have one which is so gentle (too gentle-I wouldn’t be able to remove makeup with it haha) that I use it as a toner instead. It leaves my skin really moisturized as it contains Sodium Hyaluronate as a second ingredient on the ingredients list and there are also some peptides ^.^



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