[Laneige] Lip Sleeping Mask Mini Review

Author: goo.roo

This review comes from her Instagram profile goo.roo.review.

Disclaimer: The photo was taken by the mini review’s author.

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Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Mini Review



MINI REVIEW: the Lip Sleeping Mask from


 is one of those SO hyped about products, that I was maybe a bit extra critical of it at first. but after a couple months of use, I can definitely file this under “products-i-didn’t-know-i-needed-but-now-i-have-it-i’m-really-happy” category 😂 (yes it’s a whole category now!). I kinda always thought anything beyond a chapstick in the pocket was a bit excessive, unless you wear lipstick and need a perfectly exfoliated/ hydrated base. while my lips aren’t flaky, I haven’t been able to leave the house without a lip balm since I was on accutane at 16 (you accutane-rs know what I’m talking about!). I also noticed that I didn’t particularly like the way my lips looked in photos recently; the color was a little off and always that line down the middle of the bottom lip. So I threw it into the basket of a Yesstyle order just to see. after a couple weeks of no big results, I realized I wasn’t using it correctly: it is a lip MASK, so you really need to slather it on. after that, I didn’t think I was seeing any tangible results, but by then it had become a part of my routine that I enjoyed (i love the little spatula it comes with and using it to paint my lips up before bed). fast forward two months, and I realized that not only are my lips healthier looking (better color, no line) but also I don’t apply balm during the day nearly as often. could it be simply because I adopted a new daily lip routine I didn’t have before? many people say vaseline is just as good. as far as I’m concerned, if a product being fun/ pretty/ yummy inspires you to adopt a habit, I don’t see the harm. if you’re concerned about the price, there are many places you can get this for cheaper than Sephora and it will last FOREVER. but if you are happy with your vaseline, carry on! 💕goo.roo💦

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