[MISSHA] Near Skin Dustless Defence Sunblock Review


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MISSHA Near Skin Dustless Defence Sunblock Review


Hi, beauties! Today’s K-Beauty product review is all about MISSHA Near Skin Dustless Defence Sunblock.

So, to begin with-  the claims. What is the sunblock supposed to do?



According to misshaus.com, Missha’s Near Skin Dustless Defence Sunblock:

  • ‘provides an “anti-pollution” skincare solution that effectively protects the skin from fine dust particles’
  • provides a ‘natural ionic film formed from botanical extracts [that] protect [the] skin’
  • ‘uses skin-friendly technology to help care for skin and ensure breathability’ (not sure what this ‘skin-friendly’ technology is, though)
  • its ‘Herbal Garden Complex cares for skin affected by external stressors and keeps it hydrated’
  • ‘is less greasy and sticky compared to other sunblocks, which hinders the adherence of dust particles to the skin while providing full-spectrum UV protection’.

In My thoughts subheading, I’ll check those claims against the reality. But first- the appearance of the sunblock.



The Missha’s sunblock comes in this:

A white box and a white tube. I had no problems opening the box nor with squeezing out the sunscreen from the tube- it works perfectly okay. Nothing to complain about, really. Just a standard (sunscreen) packaging.



Ingredients and Texture


The first two photos show the sunscreen’s texture. It’s white, quite watery and easy to spread. Sinks in quite quickly as well. It leaves a matte finish, however, it also made my skin too dry. It might be it’s actually moisturizing but only when it’s relatively warm (I tried it in the spring and during spring it’s quite cold in the UK). But I think it should be moisturizing regardless of the temperature (within the reason, of course).

The last photo is a list of ingredients which you can also find here (although the ingredients aren’t in the same order as they are on the sunscreen’s box so may not give the adequate impression as to in what’s the proportion of every ingredient in the cream). As the Missha’s Near Skin Dustless Defence Sunblock is a physical sunscreen, it contains both Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide that provide broad UV spectrum defense and are good for sensitive skin. Additionally, the sunblock contains quite a lot of skin-friendly plant extracts, such as Jasmine Extract and Rosemary Extract.

My thoughts

The Missha’s Near Skin Dustless Defence Sunblock does have a quite impressive ingredients list in terms of the plant extracts (I suppose that’s what’s meant by the ‘Herbal Garden Complex’). It made me feel that not only do I provide adequate sun protection for my skin but I also care for it through the addition of various extracts. However, just as the claims that it’s not sticky or greasy hold true, the sunblock leaves noticeable white cast (which even for me- a person with really fair skin- was way too white). It may not be an issue, though, if you apply makeup on the top of it. I didn’t try it as I don’t wear any foundation, but because it’s not sticky or greasy it may sit well under the makeup.

In addition, the sunblock wasn’t moisturizing for my skin at all. It didn’t moisturize it nor kept it hydrated. That’s a really big minus. Especially for me as my skin is sensitive AND dry/dehydrated.

I love k-beauty products. This one disappointed me a bit, though. It’s not hydrating as it claims to be and leaves the horrible white cast. On the bright side, it has the skin-friendly plant extracts and physical sun filters that help protect the skin from the damage caused by the external factors. So I suppose if you’ve got oily/combination skin, you should give it a try if you don’t mind the white cast.

2 thoughts on “[MISSHA] Near Skin Dustless Defence Sunblock Review

    1. kbeautybluemountains

      I agree. Unfortunately, so many sunscreens leave the white cast T^T However, there are some that blend in very well, for example The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting Sun Cream 50+. That’s my favourite sunscreen so far 😀

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