[Nature Republic] Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm Review


The review originally appeared on the blog The World of Blue.

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Nature Republic Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm Review


I was shopping (again) at TKMaxx (again) and I found this Nature Republic Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm. And because I love Korean products, my previous cleansing cream was almost gone and Nature Republic triggers positive associations in my head, I had to buy it. Truth to be told, it was much more expensive than The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Cream with Green Tea (even though the price was already reduced) but I….just had to buy it. So I did, and so today there’s another review.



Because I didn’t buy it online, all I was relying on when buying it was the packaging. It says:

”The cleansing balm effectively removes heavy makeup and impurities from skin, tidies up skin, and provides a moisturized feel to skin as it softly melts like sorbet.”

Is it only me that finds this text odd? I don’t know who translates the print that appears on the Korean cosmetics’ products but whenever I see their texts my eyes start twitching and my brain screaming like in this case (I’m a linguistics student so maybe I’m more sensitive to when something weird’s happening with the language). This weird text nonetheless, the main points to take are:

*it should remove makeup effectively (even the heavier one)

*it should be moisturizing

*it should be pleasant to the skin (in texture, that is).

Did it live up to its claims? I shall talk about it more below.



The cleansing balm comes in a round plastic packaging which in turn comes in a little cardboard box. The plastic packaging is very smooth, opens without any problems and stores the balm perfectly. Can go anywhere or fall down and it won’t break and the balm won’t spill all over. Thumbs up. There’s also a small scoop inside to facilitate taking about the balm itself. Quite handy but bare fingers should suffice as well.


Ingredients and Texture



To be fair, the ingredients list disappointed me quite a lot. There are only three plant extracts which, compared to The Face Shop cleansing cream, is nothing. But there’s Mineral Oil as the second ingredient on the list so I thought the balm itself would do the job and cleanse effectively- and that’s the most important thing when it comes to cleansing stuff. You can also see the ingredients list here.


When it comes to the texture, it’s very soft and even though when you open it for the first time it may look veeery solid, it’s actually easier to spread on the skin than most moisturizers. When it touches your skin it almost instantly becomes an oil-like transparent spread. So it’s perfect for a skin massage while cleansing.


My thoughts

As with The Face Shop cleansing cream, I decided to do an experiment and see how effectively the balm removes makeup. So I put long-lasting lip gloss, two lipsticks and mascara at the back of my hand, let it dry a bit and then applied the Nature Republic cleansing balm. After massaging in the balm for a few minutes I wiped it off with a face wipe. These are the pictures.

It was really effective when it comes to the lipsticks and the lipgloss. But with the mascara it wasn’t that easy. The Face Shop cleansing cream did a better job of removing it than did Nature Republic cleansing balm. So, despite the balm’s claim, if you wear ‘heavy’ makeup you may have difficulties in getting rid of it. It is moisturizing, though. Moisturizing in a way that it doesn’t leave your skin dried out. Most likely it’s due to the Mineral Oil it contains- definitely not any plant extracts. It didn’t break me out or clog my pores either (a plus as I have a sensitive and easy clogging skin).

If you’re looking for a decent affordable cleansing balm/cream, Nature Republic Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm is an option, but there definitely are better alternatives. I won’t purchase it again, at least not as long as I can see something else on the shelve which is the same price or cheaper. The balm didn’t live up to the most important claim- effective cleansing. It is, however, moisturizing and it definitely ‘melts like a sorbet’.


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